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Aaron Doenges

Sitting on the bench in front of an abbreviated spinet, Aaron Hoke Doenges started down his musical path before his feet could reach the piano pedals. Doenges continued my piano study up until college where he began his formal composition education. Since then, Doenges has continued my musical studies at The Contemporary Music Center on Martha’s Vineyard, Universität Potsdam, Germany, and Belmont University in Nashville, TN where he received his Master of Music in Composition. He uses music to explore the world around him through listening, writing and musical experimentation, searching for sounds, melodies, and information that can be pieced together in ways to provoke thought and dialog. He is currently working on a Master of Theology degree at Vanderbilt University exploring the exchanges that happen between art, technology and divinity.

Doenges' compositional work has recently shifted from fixed media to interactive and generative installations exploring the impact of mass amounts of micro pieces of data. "I feel as though it is important to explore the themes of life around us, and I find it hard to ignore the prevalence of electronics and digital monitoring [both voluntary and involuntary]," he says. Primarily utilizing Max/MSP and Ableton Live, Doenges attempts to find ways to combine bits of data, the environment and interactivity to highlight both the tangible and intangible that are both experienced and ignored every day.

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