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Bo Shuster

Bo Shuster is the funniest Doctor in Tennessee…..probably.

Smarter than he looks, Bo is a psychiatrist and hospice medicine specialist.  While he has practiced his profession for years, he has been a smart aleck his entire life.  A native of Chattanooga, Bo grew up in Flat Rock, Alabama and attended school (which was a pretty smart thing to do).  He grew tall and strong and moved back to Chattanooga for college, then to Atlanta to learn about doctorin’.  He lived among the Yankees for a few years, to the puzzled amusement of the good people of Boston.  With his ruddy good looks and irresistible charm he convinced a fine woman to be his bride and they raised their family in Birmingham for almost 20 years.  In 2010, like so many of America’s most talented, he surrendered to the siren song of Music City, USA and has made his home in Nashville ever since.

Bo is the co-host of Comedy on Tap, a bimonthly comedy open mic at the Belcourt Taps in Nashville.  He’s also the caretaker of the Comedy Gym, a rehearsal sweatshop for local comics.

Now on the far side of 50 years old, Bo appears to be on the verge of abandoning a successful medical career to pursue fame and fortune in comedy.

Smarter than he looks isn’t the same thing as smart. 

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