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Colin O'Brien

NASHVILLE SCENE SEPT. 9 2012 After a Song (Bottled Lightning) Here’s a guy who plays the banjo and the fiddle and the guitar, and he wears a derby hat and does solo shows that include a healthy number of John Hartford songs. Got him pegged, right? Well, not quite. Colin O’Brien’s show impressed Hartford String Band veteran Larry Perkins enough that he wound up co-producing O’Brien’s latest, After a Song. Yes, there’s a Hartford tune or two on the album, but that’s not exactly the point. O’Brien has made an album that sounds like what might have happened had Hartford brought some of his old buddies into the studio to make a Colin O’Brien tribute — an album that more than occasionally bottles the lightning that was Hartford’s engagingly off-center songwriting, without settling for simple imitation. He’ll be accompanied by Hartford sidekicks Matt Combs (fiddle) and Mike Compton (mandolin), along with the always reliable Mike Bub on bass. It ought to be a treat. — Jon Weisberger

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