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Frank Sykes

My name is Frank Sykes, but you can call me Frizzy. Through life’s experiences I have been blessed with a vision of things that have allowed me to be the person that you are meeting now. From my early years in life I have performed on stages acting in plays (written and produced by the great Dr. Cornelius of Columbia TN) and holding down star roles, which has strengthened my ability to speak in front of crowds. I have combined my learned acting skills with my powerful voice and meaningful messages learned through life’s experiences, put them through a processor, and out on the other side you have the completed product, Frizzy.(Poet and Spoken Word Artist) I say things that are heart felt and that need to be heard in order for positive change to happen in this negative environment. “Truthful is all that I can be”. I have performed at many events and venues in the Nashville area. I’ll name a few for you that just may refresh your memory. Wine & Rhymes(held at Complex Nashville), Eighth & Wedgewood, Main Street Art Gallery, GANSPA Awards, the list just goes on and on. I am #FrankFrizzy so if you have any interest in seeing more go to those social media platforms that I have and search the hashtag. I’m not just entertainment, I am a movement for the people. I am the officer that wrote and performed the poem titled “I’m Sorry”. I have performed at colleges, churches, parks, parking lots, and street corners. Now,…. I’m just looking for the opportunity to perform in front of you. Un

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