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George Oeser

George Oeser was born and raised in the Nashville area, and has lived in several other places including the Pacific Northwest, on the Appalachian Trail, and, from 2013 to 2016, in Tilburg, a working class city in The Netherlands. Throughout his life he has been highly interested in subjects including politics, economics, psychology, the arts and architecture. He holds a deep love for all things abstract and avant garde while still appreciating art that is more representational and classical in nature.

While in high school George started taking photographs with old, often times unusual, and practically obsolete cameras (110 cameras, Minox spy cameras, toy cameras). He taught himself the basics of photography and darkroom technique and developed a love for uncommon processes (cyanotypes) and types of film (infrared, instant, etc.).

His relocation to Europe offered him a wide variety of new and unusual subjects to photograph and reignited his interest in modern art and architecture. The move also gave him the time to really explore and experiment, to find the special in the mundane, and to simply learn to see in a more complete way. It allowed him to dive more deeply into the world of digital image manipulation and from this came a style that focuses less on arriving at a technically perfect image and more on finding some level of emotion in his images.


  • Toothpick Starburst

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