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Helen Minton

I am a native of Woodbury, Tennessee and I have been painting for nine years. I discovered the therapeutic value of painting many years ago. My adventure in painting began after painting on furniture and ceramics. This led me onward to painting on canvas, where I experimented with water colors and oils. I quickly decided that acrylics were my favorite medium to express my painterly emotions. I enjoy the outdoors and have many Cannon County landscapes in my portfolio. Two of my favorite subjects are painting homes ( the ole’ home place) and barns. My dad built our family barn when I was born in 1938, which helped instill a love for these family treasures. My style of painting is colorful and expressive. I particularly enjoy painting subjects that are close to my clients heart. I work best from reference material provided by the client. If you would like to commission a painting or purchase one from the website, you can contact me by email at for purchasing details.

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