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Jeni Calhoun

For Jeni Calhoun, the mission to uplift fallen humanity is paramount. Her works exhibit how resilience, faith and God’s love will change your life. In a world where the poor are under-educated , over-medicated and lost in a system that builds wealth on their toils and is fueled by their tears. Jeni Calhoun is the voice of the voiceless, a light and compass to those who are lost and forgotten. Birthed from the ashes of yesterday and rebuilt in the likeness of Yahweh she is, The Phoenix. Jeni was born on the east-side of Detroit Michigan in one of the roughest and most underprivileged areas in the City. Jeni holds no punches and says exactly what is on her mind. She is a lyricist , poet and classically trained vocalist.

Jeni made her debut as a Solo Hip Hop Artist in 2008 with the release of her Mixtape Real Artist Please. She then followed it with her Mixtape The Resurrection Of Hip Hop . Which she created to pay homage to some of the artist that paved the way.  Jeni has since merged her appreciation of classical music with her love of a good bass line and a rhyme. Each of her works speak intricately about the power of love, redemption and self-actualization. Jeni also uses her platform to raise awareness about incest and sexual abuse.  She is currently touring on her new project Jamerican Royals, a 6 track E.P. crafted as a call to awaken the sleeping.  Follow Jeni Calhoun as she chronicles her life and the lessons she learns along the way.

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