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Jon Statham

Jon Statham was raised on music.

His father worked at country music station WQIX, interviewing country music stars such as Loretta Lynn and Tanya Tucker., and one time during a live music broadcast, was visited by members of Hank Williams band, who stopped in to play after hearing the broadcast.

One knew when they entered the Statham house, that this family treasured music. Whether it was dad playing guitar and singing country and folk songs from the 30’s and 40’s, to mom and the kids assigning vocal parts to an Irish ballad for church – there just always seemed to be music.

Jon has honed his singing, guitar playing and songwriting into a style that honors the classics, as well as offering a new voice that forwards the tradition of great acoustic/country music.

Well, after living in both New York and Los Angeles, playing and singing lots of styles of music, Jon has come to settle where he always belonged – in a songwriter’s town called Nashville, Tennessee.

Early in 2008 he had the pleasure of working with producer J.J. Blair on the soundtrack for the Warner Brothers DVD film “The Utopian Society”. J.J. is known recently for his work on the Rod Stewart album “The Great American Songbook III” and for his work with the late June Carter Cash. Jon arranged and sang backup vocals for some of the various artists that will be on the soundtrack.

These days, Jon lives in Nashville and keeps busy doing a lot of vocal studio work, writing songs, and performing for enthralled a

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