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Karen Renée Robb

After 25 years in Corporate America, working for the most amazing companies [Apple Computer, Digidesign (Pro Tools), Gibson Guitar, and Griffin Technology], Karen Renée felt a deep calling to use her unique musical talents, experience and marketing expertise to advocate for and participate in sound and music healing modalities.

After leaving Nashville-based Griffin Technology in December 2012, she founded “The Music City Alliance for Sound & Music Healing,” a community of people dedicated to advocating for, participating in and spreading the “good news” about sound and music healing.

“In a city rich in music and healthcare innovations it is time for us to raise the awareness of the power for sound and music to heal and transform people at depth. From birth to death the vibration of sound can be used to promote well-being, help to lead happier, healthier lives and can even assist in the process of dying. Let us become a beacon for the world, shining a light on new innovative and traditional methods of healing through sound and music. It just makes logical sense for the greater city of Nashville, this wonderful community of creative souls to bring the power of sound to a whole new realm.”

Walking her authentic path she found inspiration in frame drum singing, toning and drumming. Introduced to the frame drum from a TEDx talk by Eliana Gilad in early 2013, she states “The first time I watched and listened to her sing into the drum, I knew that I was being called to do i

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