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Karen Short

I am a student at Tennessee Technological University in Cookeville Tennessee, studying for a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration in painting. An interest in the ephemeral quality of memory strongly influences my work. I am particularly interested in the tendency of memories to become altered, and how an individual’s identity is shaped by these compromised recollections of life events. Though a memory’s foundation is usually in reality, it often contains muddled details or misattributed sources. As psychologist William James points out, “Most people, probably, are in doubt about certain matters ascribed to their past. They may have seen them, may have said them, done them or they may only have dreamed or imagined they did so”. Knowing how easily memories can become confused, distorted or just plain break through from fantasy to reality is like discovering that part of me is fabricated, or false in some way. Through creating a visual anthology of my disjointed early childhood memories, I am better able to understand and work through personal conflicts, fears, misconceptions and falsehoods buried deep in my subconscious.

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