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Kristin Llamas

K Llamas explores topics regarding social, political and historical chasms. Combining minimalism with symbolic realism, she creates what often appears to be floating still lifes. This depiction of historical events and current societal constructs can range from satirical, ironic, humorous, exaggerated or serious in tone. Her large scale oil paintings often incorporate three-dimensional elements such as sewn seams in the canvas or the addition of multimedia materials.

In addition to two-dimensional work, Llamas is heavily involved in community-responsive and interactive art that ranges from installations, collaborations, and symposiums. These project-based works are partnerships with husband Alfonso Llamas, and together they make up the husband and wife artist team, AK Llamas (

Llamas is represented by the Tinney Contemporary Gallery in Nashville, TN. Her work and collaborative installations have been shown in all 50 states as well as abroad in Rome, Italy, Athens, Greece, Neuchatel, Switzerland, and Paris, France.

Llamas’ work can be found in collections at the Tennessee State Museum, Nashville, TN, and Taube Museum of Art, Minot, ND and has been written about in publications throughout the U.S. Her work was recently commissioned for a solo painting exhibition at the Parthenon Museum in Nashville and two large AK Llamas collaboration installations at the Nashville BNA International Airport, on view throughout the duration of 2014.

In 2008, Llamas moved to th

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