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Kurt Kirton

In an era of remixes saturating multiple channels—from mainstream music media to clubs and bars—some can only stomach dance music as part of the nightlife experience. For others, it’s living and breathing. Kurt Kirton is one of the latter. A former small town boy from central Mississippi, he cut his teeth on the smooth grooves of the 70s and the synth-infused 80s.

While both decades were musically unique, the early 90s produced a fast-evolving genre in the US that had first taken flight in Europe. It was then that Kirton’s love of dance/club music was born. After stepping back from music for 5 years to work on other projects, he’s at it again with new full release, Bang the Drums.

“I always seem to have these long gaps between working on music,” Kurt laughs. “This last time it was mainly because it took several years to write, design, and market my book (2015’s Here Today, Hired Tomorrow). It was one of the most difficult projects I’ve ever undertaken.” Kirton wanted to use his experience and expertise career best practices to encourage and help those in transition have a better more efficient road map to success. “It’s been so invigorating though getting back into music—to rub elbows and talk music with other artists. Setting up a home recording studio has given me more control and the ability to take my music to a new level.”

And leveled up he has. Of the new record’s 12 cuts, 10 were written by Kirton. “Two are derivative works, meaning I ke

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