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Mandy Peitz Moody

The Midwest was the place I called home until my mid-twenties. Growing up in Dodge City, Kansas, with its simple beauty and vast openness, provided expansive spaces for my childhood imagination to explore. Rarely are there structures or rigid lines in my work. Instead, my desire is to create a surreal and organic natural setting to connect the viewer to the peace I find in solitude — then and now. The surreal and serene are overarching themes in my art, working together to find harmony. I use texture and color to capture the imagination of my heart on canvas. My creative process is as varied and nonuniform as the images I depict and the color schemes are as diverse as the subject matter. Sometimes they are vibrant and loud and other times they are soft and subdued. Painting often feels like a dream to me. Many times I have looked at one of my paintings and wondered where it came from because my hands couldn’t remember creating it. Time stands still and moves so fast at the same moment, and I carry the feeling of each painting with me always. I complement my own artistic skill with that of my husband’s (Matt Moody). Much of my current work is inspired by Matt’s very evocative original songs. I see the painting as I listen to the song and then it unfolds on a canvas. When I display my "song paintings" they are hung with a headset that plays the song MP3 and a lyric sheet for the viewer so they can see and hear the piece of art. I guess you could say they are our children.

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