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Marisa Ray

Marisa Ray is a visual artist, in love with the world that can’t be seen. Like dreams on canvas, her paintings transport people to those untouched places so alive in hearts, but not quite attainable in reality. Whether it’s a secluded village, a magical tree house, or a whimsical bird, Marisa is intent on creating a romanticized version of life. “I’m committed to paint the images you can’t capture with a photo,” she says. “If I can make something others want to disappear into, then I have done my gift justice.” Working strictly in acrylics, Marisa uses a very limited palette to ensure strong color harmony throughout each piece. Sometimes employing as little as four colors, she personally mixes every shade and works to carefully balance the tones and “glow” of her paintings. One of her favorite techniques is dry brushing, where layers of color are blended and scrubbed to create a misty, magical look. She firmly believes that building the background first is paramount to the story her paintings tell. Marisa is mostly a self- taught artist, with some training in perspective from her grandfather, Harry T. Rainey. Although she is avid about studying her craft, she equally devotes as much time and attention to breaking the rules. “Keeping childlike wonder alive plays a huge part in the reception and success of my work. Art gets static if it’s all done by the book”, she says. To keep things lighthearted, Marisa regularly decorates her studio space with playful items and childhood mo

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