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Mark Henes

Celebration Records LLC is releasing digitally Mark Henes’ debut EP Transitions, on June 15, 2018. “These are the sounds most missed in the Nashville culture”, says Mark Henes.The song “Blues” takes you back to a shuffle that you would find in countless songs in the past, but with a twist, such as you would experience if you were standing in front of Chuck Berry in 1958 for the first time listening to “Johnny Be Good”. Reminiscent of Marty McFly, when he says, in Back To The Future, “I guess you guys are not ready for that yet, but your kids are gonna love it.” Yet it is as modern as Jack Johnson with his song “Symbol In My Driveway”, which was released in 2003.

“Blues II” was heavily influenced from Hank Williams Sr. and Jr., paying tribute to the traditional 12 bar blues that is heard in songs, such as “Lost Highway” or “Family Tradition”. As he traveled from the 1940’s onward through blues, rock and country, he discovered the influence of the song “Little Sister”, recorded in 1961 by Elvis Presley.

Having felt like he paid his dues toward the blues, while performing in venues around Nashville, TN, while celebrating a healthy fellowship with fans, friends, family and the band, “Lift Your Cup” was written. “It is the Jam Band song of my tunes, so far, calling on the show and performing for people”, says Mark.

“Traveling” is the only track not written in 2018. Sometimes you only want to feel the funk and the groove with th

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