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Nan Kennedy

Nan Kennedy has always loved clay. “I still remember receiving my portion of clay on the first day of grade school. The formless gray lump with its oily smell seemed begging to be molded into something wonderful; but alas, reading and writing came first, and we rarely got to use the clay at all.” Born and raised in small-town Wisconsin, Nan enjoyed art throughout her childhood. Whenever something needed to be drawn in the classroom, Nan was always called upon as the resident artist. She adored art class, and entered as many drawing and coloring contests as she could find. During her college years she studied painting and printmaking at Bryn Mawr and Haverford Colleges, but no clay classes were offered. After college, she picked up her love of clay again and began making pottery on a kick-wheel at the YWCA in Philadelphia. Bowls, mugs, teapots – anything that could be thrown she made. “Those were times of sheer joy,” she recalls, “the wet earthiness of the clay, the physical exertion of the kick-wheel, and the mental focus that transported me to a wholly different place, were all combined with the act of creation that is truly spiritual.” But then, life intervened, bringing marriage and five kids, including a son with autism. “The trials and tribulations of raising children, especially one with intensive special needs, necessarily superseded any artistic ambitions for a time, but it brought many joys of its own. The vision I now have as an artist could not have emerge

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