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Phil Vaught

Phil Vaught grew up in a family that had a strong love for music. At a young age it wasn’t uncommon to hear him sing southern hymnals or perform duets with his brothers and sister. Soon after, he began playing in local bands with friends from school at social functions. Phil’s family exposed him to various genres of music. By the time Phil was in high school he began performing at local and regional clubs as well as an array of charities and benefits. He soon became an established, in demand, well-respected musician and vocalist. Today, PHIL VAUGHT plays over 200 shows a year at major venues nationwide. Phil is a natural performer, whether he’s performing his hit songs or covering well known classic and modern artists. Phil has the ability to let the music do the talking and feed off the response and energy of the audience. "Country Rocker, Phil Vaught belted out a series of his hit songs and Journey tunes in a performance that kept a crowd of hundreds engaged" Sun Herold News

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