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Rhyan Sinclair

Rhyan Sinclair feels an undeniable pull to country music, especially from the classic artists who made their mark before she was born.

One of the primary influences for her new album, Barnstormer, is the 1987 album Trio, recorded by Emmylou Harris, Dolly Parton, and Linda Ronstadt. The acoustic palette of that album is echoed in Barnstormer, which is the first solo album for the teenaged Kentucky musician.

“I write with an acoustic guitar and some of the songs tend to translate better that way,” Sinclair says. “Sometimes, though, twangy telecasters and an electric sound work better, so it just depends on what the song calls for. The whole Trio album is acoustic and that was a huge inspiration. I think the bluegrass instrumentation of that inspired the more acoustic songs.”

When she was 11 years old, Sinclair decided to put together a band called All the Little Pieces that would combine elements of roots country, jazz and blues. The group transformed into an award-winning rock band that performed frequently in Lexington, Kentucky, and beyond over the course of five years. When Sinclair’s songs started heading into country and Americana territory, band members started drifting away. When the touring cycle wrapped up for the band’s prior release, Sinclair decided to organize a tribute to the Trio album. By rehearsing the album and researching the catalogs of its three principals, new songs started pouring out. All of that paved the way for Barnstormer.

“From the m

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