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Sarit Jacobsohn

Sarit Jacobsohn, born Aug.17, 1972 in Hong Kong, spent her first four years of life traveling Asia with her mother. Landing in Israel at age four, she grew up in Tele Aviv. Her grandfather, an artist in Cyprus first introduced her to the world of art. He believed, and taught her, that art is easy to do. Young Sarit often joined her grandfather at painting to pass the time. In Israel, Sarit attended art classes at the Museum of Tel Aviv where she loved creating things. In high school she enjoyed photography, a hobby she keeps to this day. At age 18, like all Israeli citizens, Sarit was drafted into the military. After learning that resistance was futile and would result in prison time until she would agree to serve, she joined. But she did not stay long. Her short time in the military was marked by her desire to leave at all costs, even if it meant her death. It was in the military that she did her first art installation, in resistance to serving. When ordered to paint many rooms white, she instead painted them black. Expressing happiness at disrupting a well oiled war machine. In an effort to escape the army, she plead insanity, to which the army just laughed. Then one day a panel of psychiatric officers said to her that she could have an easy job away from any violence. She then cried to them, “but I love the Palestinians” , to which they replied “oh…that is a problem”. She was then discharged from service. After leaving the military she found herself wanting to leave Is

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