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Shelley Boyd


I am a local Nashville artist currently specializing in color-driven abstracts and pop art.

My artistic philosophy stems from my own personal struggles to let go of expectations and allow myself to create freely and without judgement. Its about allowing myself to “play” and enjoy the creation process. For me, creating paintings and other forms of mixed media art has become a metaphor for embracing the journey of life, and not holding too fast onto a certain destination. It has been an enriching and freeing process that I am both excited to share with the world.

I gather inspiration from all over. Specific artists would include Jackson Pollock, Andy Warhol, Saul Bass, and various other pop and poster artists. But truly, inspiration comes from anywhere and everywhere. it could be a night out with friends, and delectibly bad movie, or simply the way light moves through trees on a fall afternoon. I think it’s important to simply keep your heart and eyes open to the world around you.

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