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Susan E Jones

Susan’s style of painting has been described as impressionistic, loose, and charming, capturing subjects near her home in middle Tennessee, in simple, broad blocks of color with little use of detail. Although she has experimented with several mediums over the years, she now concentrates in transparent oils. And Alla Prima (painting in one session) is her style preference. “Born into a family of artists and being a child of the divine Creator, it is impossible to deny the spirit of artistic and creative stirrings within me. We are all artists. It’s our nature. We just choose different mediums. Mine is paint. Oil paint mostly. And I will forever be a student, inspired with unending natural beauty and limitless talent of other artists that surround me in rural middle Tennessee. Keeping things simple and letting the details work out on their own is my life’s philosophy, and this shows in my work… simple subjects, uncluttered backgrounds, and lack of details are the recurring characteristics of my paintings. Life is full of many blessings, big and small. Embrace them. Count them…the game-winning touchdown, the yawn of a puppy, the smell of fresh cinnamon bread baking in the oven, the warmth of a down comforter, the phone call from a friend, a new white canvas and a paintbrush between your fingers. May you live your life fully engaged, fully appreciating all the beauty and blessings around you, creating happiness, fulfilling your dreams, and building a legacy of love.” Susan is

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