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The Western Sons

The Western Sons echo the heartbeat of a new generation of rock music. The Nashville based luxurious Rock’n Roll band is emerging as one of the most exciting bands to hit the music scene in years.

The band’s unmistakable genre-bending sound, style, and songwriting occupy a very unique space in music. Ushering in a sound that lives perfectly among the modern Pop tracks we love, while blending the vintage Rock’n Roll inspired rhythms we can’t forget.

Weaving anthemic, hook-filled melodies with a diverse combination of pop and interlocking rock beats; mixed with striking rock guitar riffs; the trio is leading the charge of a new genre defining time in music.

The threesome, Tyler Cohenour (lead vocals, guitar),Devyn Campbell (lead guitar) and Garrett Carr (bass, vocals); playing by their own rules and defying industry standards; have quickly built a reputation for demanding crowds in a moments notice with last minute pop up shows announced via social media.The bands non-stop energetic performances have fans lining up to get a glimpse of Americas new rock band The Western Sons.

Leaving behind the comfort of what could be solid careers for most, Tyler and Garrett who first met while attending college in Florida, packed up and moved to Nashville to seek a creative sanctuary. They discovered a music community that would soon become the birthplace of the rocker trio. The pair met Devyn while in Nashville and after hearing him play, knew he was a perfect fit for the band.

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