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Tim Davis

 The portfolio of TIM DAVIS is stunningly diverse. He has produced well over 300 canvases, panels and murals over the past 19 years, as well as reproductions, sculptures and digital art. He has also painted a fifty-five foot civic mural at the Murray city center in Salt Lake City.

Tim is originally from the Los Angeles area and has six siblings that are all professional artists. He now lives in Nashville and creates murals and gallery paintings in oil.

Having a degree in music, Tim approaches each canvas like composing a musical score. He likes to substrate the work with deep and moody colors and then splash them with vivid light to create a depth of contrast. In each piece there is a representation of light overcoming darkness.

Tim has also done work in Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, Boston, Toronto and for a U.S. based architectural firm on a mural project in Northern India.

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