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Tracy J Montoya

I have been drawing since I was very young. I wanted to draw and be great. I taught myself how to look at something and draw how I saw it but I also knew I wanted to do more than just copy what I saw. I wanted it to look like reality but how I see reality. I studied surrealism, abstraction, and photorealism in high school. From there and throughout college I read and studied so many different kinds of artists and artwork. There have been many artists that have influenced and inspired me but Kent Bellows is among one of greatest artists I have ever seen. I regret never being able to meet him and discuss life and art with him since he passed away a few years ago. I work from photographs from still life I have designed, landscapes, figurative/portraits, or a photomontage of images I have taken and then Photoshop them together how I had originally envisioned it. The creative process involves photographs because they are exact, a moment of time that does not move, age, light doesn't change. Keeping everything exact which frees me to work on other aspects than worrying about if something has moved or the light has changed when working directly from life. I am working on several bodies of work now and hope to get involved locally in the art community and also trying to get my work into galleries, competitions, and exhibitions. I have not made very much work in the past few years because I put it on hold because I have been raising my family and working as a therapeutic art teacher i

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