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Vince Herrera

Vince Herrera paints what matters in the present much like a documentarian. Born in Hialeah, Florida (1985), the Cuban-American artist’s signature is his emotive representation of people, places and things current, a memory, or a sociopolitical construct begging observation.


Herrera’s paintings are achieved through the layering of bold outlines and graphic elements, often strategically infused with brilliant colors. “I believe that color is power; it can change the emotion of a piece,” explained the artist about the significance of bold hues within his works. Through his process, these two or three elements are fused to create a harmonious union of structure and spontaneity.


Another essential element of the artist’s work is his decision to crop his paintings. This aspect, when viewing his art, urges one to participate in the creative process by extension of imagination. “If something is cut off, your mind tends to try and fill it in, which in turn has you adding your vision to the piece,” the artist explains.


And there’s one other thing. The artist’s family.


Herrera—the son of a commercial fisherman, who lost his life at sea, and his homemaker mother turned factory worker after her husband’s death—lived his adolescent years in a hopeless Hialeah housing complex known by its nickname “Little Vietnam”.


Lessons learned through losses and yearnings inspired the artist’s desire that his family be his greatest masterpiece. As such, they are

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