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Vinci Kolodziejski

 Vinci Kolodziejski was raised in Vandergrift, PA and graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a B.S. in Mathematics. She moved to Tennessee when her husband was transferred to Nashville. She always loved art as a child and in Tennessee pursued a Fine Arts Degree and a Masters in Education. She served as a Visual Arts Specialist in Metro Nashville Schools and later was an adjunct professor in Art Education at Lipscomb University.


Today, Vinci is a water media artist who creates because she is inspired by personal observations of the beauty and textures of plants, flowers from her garden, and landscapes from travels. Her goal is to create paintings with a serenity of place, a transcending spirituality, and a joyful response. To accomplish this, Vinci uses sparkling, transparent light filled color in her work.


Her still life painting may include her collected handmade tablecloths and interesting fabrics in combination with live plants or a client’s special treasures. Her favorite still life often includes vases filled with flowers because she likes the crispness of stems in water. She is drawn to windows as a way to combine still life and landscape in one composition. Of her favorite colors, the greens bring life to her work and the blues found in the background and shadows create a feeling of the presence of sunlight. Sunlight and shadows help infuse her paintings with their own spiritual essence. 


She is a member of the Monthaven Art Society, the Nashville Art

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