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COVID-19 NowPlayingNashville Update

Hi all,

After a devastating week with tornadoes in Middle Tennessee and some of our beloved neighborhoods affected, we are now faced with COVID-19 to the area. Our hearts are breaking for our community!

We are aware of the impact this public health concern is having on events in the region, including cancellations or postponements. We are continuing to monitor all activities and communications coming from partners and venues at this time.

In addition, we are closely monitoring the CDC and WHO websites, as well as our local Public Health Department and Mayor’s office. We will communicate as much information as we know when we are notified to the NowPlayingNashville website and social media accounts, primarily Twitter.


NowPlayingNashville has created a Cancelled and Postponed Events category on our website. This allows us and end users to be able to control what events are cancelled or postponed. Deleting an event when it is cancelled may seem like the logical thing to do, but our website plays a critical role in disseminating information to the public. Visitors will likely be checking our website on the status of an event that they had already planned to attend.

We are asking that people edit their event titles to include the word ‘(Cancelled)’ or ‘(Postponed)’. Also, we strongly encourage you to NOT DELETE EVENTS on the website.

If you wish to notify our team of your cancelled, postponed, or rescheduled event, you have two options:

1. Login to your event dashboard, click the edit button, and check the Cancelled & Postponed Event box. Then click the submit button, which will update your listing.


2. Email us at We will work through your requests in the order they were received. Please be patient with us, as we have a high volume of emails right now due to tornado relief efforts with The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee and now COVID-19 updates.

We know you wish to get as much information as possible out about your events, so we are here to help. Our team is working hard to make sure all press release and information that we receive is reflected correctly on our website and input in a timely fashion. As always, our goal is to assist you all in promoting/creating awareness of your events, including cancellations or postponements.

To find out information about cancelled or postponed events, we encourage you to visit our website.



Metro Nashville Public Health Department

Tennessee Department of Health

Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention

Traveler Information from

US Travel Association

Stop the Spread of Germs


We hope you and your family are safe!

The NowPlayingNashville Team