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Tennessee Stage & Film Co.

Tennessee Stage & Film Co.



The “Tennessee Stage & Film Co.” is a TN registered non profit organization with the principal mission to bring “History to the Stage”.  Our first historical offering was entitled “The Ryman Diary’s”. It formally premiered before Gallatin Middle school children in November of 2014.  The two act musical chronicles the life and times of Captain Tom Ryman and wife Bettie Baugh as they work their way up from a fishing boat to 35 steam ships, and culminate with the building of the Union Gospel Tabernacle.  Since then we have developed, staged, and added to our offerings an additional eleven shows and presentations, varying in length from 20 minutes to 2 1/2 hours.  Currently we have another five shows in development scheduled to premiere by the end of 2020.  A descriptive brochure is available which highlights the subject of each offering, however your system, was not able to upload the file. In general our audiences are private groups/organizations such as schools, churches, and civic groups.  But each of our offerings have been presented  before the general public in at least one theatrical occasion.

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