Amy Luker

Amy Luker

Visual Artist: Mixed Media - Visual Artist: Painting - Visual Artist: Sculpture - 3 dimensional acrylic painting/sculpting



   1316 Windmere Ct, Franklin, TN, 37064

Amy Luker was born in Greenville Mississippi; also known as the Delta.  Growing up, Amy always loved art of any kind.  She dabbled in graphics art, oils, pastels, graphite, and clay, then she put her love for art aside in order to raise her family.
Amy and her husband along with their two children lived in Houston Texas for almost 20 years.  In 2013, the family moved to Franklin Tennessee where the yearning for going back to her first love was unstoppable.  Being  dramatically influenced by the beauty of Tennessee as well as all of the talent around her, she submitted to her calling to create professionally.  In that time, Amy discovered acrylics.  She discovered a medium that is forever changing and with it's endless possibilities, she knew she had found her medium of choice.  Amy uses the beauty of Tennessee and the cherished memories of growing up in the Delta of 
Mississippi as inspiration for many of her pieces.
She specializes in heavy texture and three dimensional works created solely with acrylic paint.