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RORSHAK aka Rory White


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RORSHAK (AKA Rory White) has emerged as a dynamic creative photographer, and nearly ten years on, he’s still the same hard-working kid who once posted an advertisement in a photo lab that said, “Photo Assistant Available – You are the Boss – You Say ‘Jump’ and I say ‘How High?’ I do not speak unless spoken to.”

Today, RORSHAK is usually the one doing the speaking, sometimes playing a photographer in a music video (as he did for country star Jimmy Wayne), or in a reality show (Next Superstar, Gospel Dream), though more frequently playing himself: a wholly original artist who loves telling stories.

RORSHAK's eye for theatrical images and bold colors was honed as a model in Singapore and at Middle Tennessee State University, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in photography and also produced an acclaimed collection of images depicting the bizarre world of urban legends (“The Alarmist Series”).

Since 2009, RORSHAK has focused on entertainment photography, pursuing an eccentric collection of independent musicians, visual artists and writers to photograph. He has developed techniques as progressive as the artists he photographs, often working with his subjects to “alter the (initial) image by hand with crayon, honey, tape, coffee, or whatever else we have on hand, and then we re-photograph the image itself. Its a way for the artist to integrate themself into their own image.”

RORSHAK has the work ethic and desperation of a man not far removed from the life of a day laborer. Never-mind that he’s photographed comedian Chonda Pierce’s Platinum-selling DVD covers, CMT's Next Superstar finalists at Graceland, Gospel Music Channel's Gospel Dream finalists, or worked on national photo campaigns for Bridgestone, Ruby Tuesday and Eastman Chemical Company – RORSHAK treats every job, no matter how big or small, as if his life depended upon it.

RORSHAK sums up his philosophy with the belief that "in this age, even the biggest stars are reduced to a thumbnail image. I aim to make even their thumbnail as potent as their art."

-Cameron Conant