Dina Rae Capitani

Dina Rae Capitani

Educator: Youth - Musician - Musician: String - Singer - Songwriter - Visual Artist - Visual Artist: Drawing - Visual Artist: Illustration - Visual Artist: Painting - Pet Portraits

Website: http://www.thespacebetweenthenotes.org/dina-rae.html

   8643B Old Harding Pike, Nashville, TN

Artist, Musician, Visionary, Community Organizer, Peace Facilitator, Nature Guide

 Pet Caricature Artist

Dina Rae Capitani has been drawing doodles of dogs since she was a child as a way to connect to the feeling of love and joy dogs bring to her heart.  In 2005 she began drawing both dogs and cats and painting custom pet caricatures on t-shirts and canvas and developed an original line of doggie and kitty caricature art with corresponding captions representing over 100 different breeds, mutts and kitties reproduced on various products such as refrigerator magnets, t-shirts, cards and more, and sold at fairs, festivals, pet retail and gift stores throughout the United States.  From 2005-2009, Dina had a kiosk at the factory in Franklin where she painted and sold her Doggie Doodles by Dina product line.  She also sold her unique magnets through over 20 pet retail stores nationwide.  In, 2007 and 2008, Dina won runner for “Best Pet Artist” in Nashville Paw Magazine’ Reader’s Choice Awards.  In 2011, Dina entered into an agreement where 79 of her Doggie Doodle Designs were licensed for distribution on various products worldwide.  In 2012, eleven Doggie Doodles were featured on t-shirts for the cast readings of “It’s A Ruff Life” musical by Jessie Goldberg and Gene Levine performed at Z. Alexander Looby Theater, Nashville, TN.  Dina’s custom hand-painted pet portraits continue to bring smiles to pet lovers everywhere.


Dina’s love for music began as a teenager and has been a source of creativity and inspiration ever since.  She studied voice at Belmont University, where she began writing songs and learning to play the guitar.  She is a firm believer of the power of music to connect, to heal, to inspire and to build community and enjoys performing for a specific cause.  She performs at variety of venues including coffeehouses, clubs, festivals, senior centers. Her musical style is eclectic and ranges from jazz, folk, rock, global and sacred. She has two self-produced albums, Wake Yourself Up, 2005 and Covers For Lovers, 2012.  In 2014, she co-wrote and recorded “The Compassion Games Theme Song,” a song that has being used to promote the International Compassion Games. In 2017, she co-created and starred in “The Compassion Play” –a musical interactive journey into the heart of compassion, where she starred as “The Dalai Mama” with co-star “Rabbi Earthman.”

Performances include:

  • Celebrate Nashville Multicultural Festival, October 2013, 2014
  • Celebration of NationsMulticultural Festival, Franklin, October 2013-2017
  • Nashville Chooses PeaceFestival, 2016, 2017
  • Oneness Interfaith Music Festival, Blair School of Music, Nashville, July, 2016
  • Love and Unity Under One Sun” Nashville Eclipse at Hadley Park, 2017
  • Annual Interfaith Worship Service, Scarritt Bennett Center, September, 2016, 2017

Community Organizer

In 2013 and 2014 Dina worked with the Metro Human Relations Commission and was in charge of bringing the community together through the vehicle of the Compassionate NashvilleCampaign (that she co-founded and coordinated) which was supported by former mayor Karl Dean and current Mayor Megan Barry (when she was a city council member) in the form of a city resolution and the Metro Human Relations Commission’s fiscal sponsorship.  While with Metro Dina helped Nashville earn international recognition as a “Compassionate City,” through various creative initiatives including organizing Nashville’s participation in the International Compassion Games (where cities compete on reported acts of kindness, number of dollars raised for nonprofits, number of volunteers, hours and people served); Writing and Recording the Compassion Games Theme Song(which is being used worldwide to promote the Compassion Games); and organizing and hosting a monthly “Cultivating Compassion” series at Scarritt Bennett Center which featured music, community guest speakers and round table discussions on best practices around compassion.

In 2012, Dina co-created and hosted the Compassionate Coffeehouse, a revolving monthly open-mic conducted in various Metro Nashville community centers, churches, parks, art galleries in various different neighborhoods, whose purpose was to bring the community together in a creative forum where people were invited to express themselves through art, music and poetry with the theme of Compassion .

Nature Guide, Mind/Body Connector and  Mindfulness Educator, 

Dina has been practicing yoga and meditation for over 17 years and in her own personal journey of healing and transformation she has discovered the healing and transforming power yoga, meditation, nature and the arts and their individual and collective ability to connect people to their heart and their humanity.  As a summer camp Nature Specialist and Forest Therapy Facilitator, she facilitates program and nature-based mindfulness and art retreats that includes offers an experiential curriculum for kids and adults of all ages designed to create an atmosphere of deep appreciation, reverence and connection to nature, one’s self and the world.


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