EG Vines

EG Vines


   Nashville, TN, 37206

In times of upheaval, people look to artists to help sort through the madness. Nashville’s EG Vines is a voice that stands out above the rest, combining folk songwriting with a sharp wit and nuanced point of view. All of this is on display on his upcoming second album, Through the Mirror, a sizzling rock record from an artist on the rise.

After riding the corporate ladder at a major retailer for a decade, Vines decided to quit his day job in late 2019 with the release of his debut solo album, Family Business. The album landed him recognition from outlets local (Lighting 100) and national (Billboard, NPR, Rolling Stone) and immediately cemented him as one of Nashville’s artists to watch. He looks back at his time splitting life between a desk job and music and says it resulted in him being constantly on edge, carrying frustrations on his back all the time. While he loves and stands by the music he wrote during that period, quitting his corporate job has allowed Vines to pour more of himself into his music, and Through the Mirror is a testament to the positive effect this has had.

Through the Mirror features music written after Vines’s exit from corporate America, and the newfound time dedicated to his craft and studying the world around him has paid dividends. Given more opportunities to reflect and spend hours of the day writing and experimenting, Vines has been able to explore new sounds and thoughts as his star grows.