Aaron Grayum

Aaron Grayum


Website: http://www.thegrayumbrella.com


   Nashville, TN

When I was a kid, I would draw all kinds of things with all sorts of materials. As a 5-year old, my artistic expertise and understanding of the way life worked only went so far. So a quarter-century later, with a little extra knowledge and a few more skills in my paintbox, I decided to travel back through my life and give a new voice to my childhood self. My hope in sharing my work with you is that perhaps you will have the experience of getting lost for a moment, away from the complications, the fears, the regrets, and the worries that have sneaked into your life somewhere along the way. I want these images to take you to another place entirely, where you can remember what it was like to see through the fog and into a world where anything is possible.