Danya Gossard

Danya Gossard


Website: www.danyagossard.com

   2208 charles way, spring hill, TN


The Body Sculptor        Lucy           LBD Productions
Johnny Dynamo           Sunshine    LBD Productions
Workin' On                   Joan            Hideout Pictures
Closer                          Sarah          Watkins film Productions
Director’s cut               Iris               New York Film Academy
City 27                         Kate            New York Film Academy
Last Nobel Prize         Sammy        New York Film Academy
Donny Brook               Ashley         Tri-C Productions
Gangster Town            Rosy           Tri-C Productions
Where Are They          Beth            Mark Krohn Productions
The Greater threat      Model          Ray O’Neal Productions

Kristian Bush(Sugarland)      “Trailer Hitch”      Judd Films
Colt Ford                               “Workin On”         Hideout Pictures
The Swon Brothers               “Later On”            Moo Creative music
Kip Moore                              “ACM Shoot”       Welding Service
Dean Alexander                    “Live a little”         Yes equals Yes INC.

The Originals Homeless werewolf Bonanza Productions
Nashville Belmont EP company
Nashville Blue Bird EP company

Show case Buried child Cody Mandarino
Gangster Town Waitress Cleveland Playhouse
The Play &Dancer
Grease Cha-Cha Allen Playhouse

Acting workshop         The Actor's School                Holly Allen
Screenwriting              New York Film Academy      Peter Hobbs
Shakespeare              New York Film Academy      David Vando
Meisner                      New York Film Academy      Joe Osheroff
Acting for film             New York Film Academy      Lea Brandenburg
Scene Study              New York Film Academy      Cody Mandarino
Combat for Film         New York Film Academy      Dan Renkin
Acting for Television  New York Film Academy      Shira-Lee Shalit
Theater Vs. Film        NNCCA                                Ray Szuch
Cold Reading             NNCCA                                Ray Szuch

Can play guitar, Sing Soprano, Skilled Marksman with guns, Baton, Snowboarding/skiing, Skilled Driver, Hummer H1,
4-Wheelers, Jet Ski, can operant any farm machinery, Certified Fitness Trainer, Licensed Cosmologist, Pro Makeup Artist, Trained in Public Speaking, Yoga/Pilates, Dance, Swimming.

Conversational in: Spanish, French, Russian, Ukrainian, Polish.
Dialects: Standard British, Australian/New Zealand, English with a Russian/Ukrainian Accent.

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