Anne R. Williams

Anne R. Williams


   P.O. Box 58533, Nashville, TN

 Artist statement/Anne R. Williams (Contributor Information)

I graduated from college with a B. A. in painting and printmaking and moved on to explore the possibilities of many other media—drawing, watercolor, book arts, letterpress, papermaking, then cycling back to painting in more recent years. Currently, painting in oils, drawing and book arts are the three media I prefer the most.
For painting, I like the effect of painting on sheets of aluminum, but, not being inclined to work with metal, instead I apply layers of transparent oil over aluminum silver leaf on panel. This approach to painting incorporates what I enjoy most about creating an image: spontaneity, luminosity, unpredictability, transparency, novelty and occasionally the opportunity to include words. These qualities are what attract me to drawing and book arts too.
Any subject that inspires me is subject matter for my work, in both representational and non-representational varieties. Work can be viewed at

Selected Exhibitions:

2012: Letterpress exhibition associated with APSU, Metro Airport, Nashville TN
2011: Two-person show, Purlieu, The Parthenon, Nashville, TN
2009: 11th Annual Rennaissance Regional Art Exhibition, Dixon, TN, juried
2008: Works with Words, Nashville Public Library, Nashville, TN, juried
2007: Central South Art Exhibition, Nashville, TN, juried
2006: May show, Art and Invention Gallery, Nashville TN, invitational
2005: Central South Art Exhibition, Nashville, TN, juried