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Math Moves!

Math Moves!

Presented by Adventure Science Center at Adventure Science Center

Math Moves! stimulates mathematical imaginations and builds the mathematical abilities – interest, confidence, and skills – of children and their caregivers and makes it easier and fun for these children to succeed in middle school and high school mathematics.

Meet math anxiety: the intense, gripping feeling of fear stirred up when people face their own ability, or inability, to understand and do mathematics. Much like stage fright, math anxiety can cause people to freeze up completely with faced with a mathematical problem.

Since the late 1950s, researchers have been working hard to understand this phenomenon and find ways to counteract the negative effects through educational interventions. One such method is through self-learning, which is where Adventure Science Center’s (ASC) latest traveling exhibition, Math Moves!, comes into play.

Highlights of the Math Moves! exhibition include:

Partner Motion
Grab a partner and see how different rates of motion look as graphs on a screen. By walking back and forth, guests create graphs of their motions see how the graph data changes as they modify their speeds. The graphs display their movement over time, giving them direct proportional slopes, another way to think about how their rates compare.

Comparing Forms
Three chairs situated in this exhibition are identical in every aspect… except proportional scale. Guests use their bodies and other measuring tools to investigate how the chairs differ in size. It’s a very tangible way to gain experience with the geometric concept of similarity and begin to understand proportional relationships between different-sized objects.

Comparing Frequencies
Using one or more small wheels driven by a larger wheel, guests create rhythmic percussive sounds. This element invites guests to experiment with several wheels to compare frequencies of clicks, both seeing and hearing the rhythm of proportions and frequency of clicking.

Shadow Fractions
In this section, guests can create shadow stories with scaled objects. A bright light casts shadows of the objects on a grid, where guests can directly experience physical science as they move the objects around to increase or reduce the size of the objects’ shadows.

Source: Adventure Science Center

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2018/02/03 - 2018/05/13

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Adventure Science Center

800 Fort Negley Boulevard, Nashville, TN 37203

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