Aug 24 2019
Cheese Workshop: I Ain't Got No Cave, Man (Or Woma...

Cheese Workshop: I Ain't Got No Cave, Man (Or Woma...

Presented by Red Gable Cheese Workshops at Red Gable Cheese Workshops, LLC

Sometimes people just want to explore the world of cheese without investing too many dollars in equipment. A "cave"-generally a beverage or wine refrigerator used to age cheese is one of those items that some might want to delay spending money on until their cheese hobby becomes a full fledge habit. Soooo, here's the workshop for you!

You will explore four distinctly different cheeses that do not require an aging cave. And, as an added bonus, each is relatively light on the equipment and supplies required to make the cheese.

First up is Feta-the cheese king of the salad world. Next, you'll make Squeaky Curds-the midwest darling that is perfect for snacking on with friends and family. Then you will tackle two goat milk cheeses. The classic Chevre including beautiful Chevre buttons and, last but not least- Goat Bells. Like the neighbors dog that is so ugly it's actually cute, Goat Bells are a lightly pressed washed curd cheese that ages in your home refrigerator for a week and is then ready to consume as a snack, sliced onto sandwiches or the perfect conversation piece on a cheese plate.

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Includes a full day of hands-on instruction in a specially designed cheese kitchen, detailed recipes and equipment review, lunch and refreshments. Class size is limited to six individuals. Please call or email to check for class availability.

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2019/08/24 - 2019/08/24

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Red Gable Cheese Workshops, LLC

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