Mar 03 2021
Aug 01 2021
N2020: Community Reflections Online Exhibition

N2020: Community Reflections Online Exhibition

Presented by Frist Art Museum at ONLINE

The Frist Art Museum presents N2020: Community Reflections, an online initiative that showcases creative expressions by an array of Nashville artists in response to the historic events and challenges of 2020.

The exhibition launches on March 3, 2021—the one-year anniversary of Nashville’s devastating 2020 tornado—on and will feature photographs, videos, spoken-word poetry, and dance performances.

The Frist engaged artist and North Nashville native Woke3 last summer as the guest curator on the project. Since then, he has collaborated with photographers, choreographers, dancers, musicians, videographers, and spoken-word artists in his community to reflect on the past year and consider paths forward. The works cover the destruction of the tornado in North Nashville, the impact of COVID-19 and the burden it places on essential workers, the urgent calls for racial justice, a contentious presidential election, and the downtown bombing on Christmas morning. “It is our goal to touch as many lives as possible by establishing common ground through artistic expression,” writes Woke3 in a curatorial statement. “We want more people to think inclusively as we cultivate ground for all to share how the events of the year affected them as community members, artists, business owners, etc., and to support people shouting ‘We Need Change’ through their respective art forms. That is where we begin the work.”

Woke3 is an influential muralist based in North Nashville, a historically African American neighborhood. He is a founder of the Norf Art Collective, whose work was featured in the 2019 exhibition and book Murals of North Nashville Now. Dozens of local artists are represented in the exhibition, including spoken-word poets Karimah Miller and Twigz; video directors Angel Adams, Anna Haas, and Curry of Bead and Cowrie; choreographers Kyrstin Young, Dorinda Walker, and Shabaz Ujima; musicians Chuck Indigo, Frederick Weathersby, 2 Live Bre, Tim Gent, Brian Brown, J. Reggaerica, Yours Truly Jai, David Haas, and Jaie Tiefenbrunn; photographers LeXander Bryant, Lesa Dowdy, Kept Frozen, Keep3, and DaShawn Lewis; and many more.

Image: Kept Frozen. May 30, 2020. Photograph. Courtesy of the artist. © Kept Frozen

Source: Frist Art Museum

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2021/03/03 - 2021/08/01

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