Apr 15 - 25 2021
Anymouse by Joe deVera

Anymouse by Joe deVera

Presented by COOP Gallery at COOP Gallery

COOP is elated to present Anymouse, an exhibition of new and recent paintings made by California-based artist Joe deVera. 

Formerly enlisted in the United States Marine Corps, serving in two combat deployments, deVera's work attempts to make sense of the absurd theaters of human tragedy by way of making, as if somehow, the inherent anachronism of art objects are enough to correct the discrepancies of our current historiography. Often his work can be viewed as an aggregate of weaponized material as well as a marshaled victim of the military complex. 

The works themselves, which range from paintings amalgamated from various sources, to shambling fabricated archetypes of familiar structures or figures, are constructed with a combination of repurposed military equipment, domestic household items and discarded construction material gathered from local sites.  It is within these disparate processes that his work creates a transitional element in which to employ our ability to visually access human events at various levels simultaneously. Perhaps these art objects would also serve as a conduit between human experiences, interacting within systems of retrospection, myth, and metaphor. 

It is within these contingencies that deVera’s work traces the potential to not only amend how we represent and contextualize the world and events around us, past and present but also create new dialogues to build upon its understanding.  

Joe deVera’s works are often attempts to clarify the absurd theaters of human tragedy; exploring the possible relationships between historiography and art objects, while simultaneously investigating the cultural networks of mass conflict.  Having emigrated from the Philippines with his family in order to escape a climate of crushing poverty and government oppression, then further enlisting in the Marines Corps after high school (serving two combat deployments to Iraq in support of the second Gulf War), deVera’s work also become autobiographical observations of power structures and the machines of empire.

Image: Joe deVera. Incendiary. 2020. Oil on canvas. 25 in x 18 in.

Source: COOP Gallery

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Email: info@coopgallery.org

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2021/04/15 - 2021/04/25

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Join COOP for an artist reception in their Packing Plant gallery space on Saturday, April 17 from 3pm to 6pm.

Exhibit runs April 15 through April 25. Please contact gallery via email at info@coopgallery.org for specific days and times to view.

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COOP Gallery

507 Hagan Street, Nashville, TN 37203