May 20 2021
Destination Known: Baden and Mosel

Destination Known: Baden and Mosel

Presented by Gray & Dudley at 21c Museum Hotel Nashville | Gray & Dudley

We haven’t been able to travel safely in the past year, so 21c wanted to create an experience centered around what we love most about traveling–food and wine–and bring it to you in Nashville.

This month, they’re taking you to Germany to explore two distinct wine regions–Baden and Mosel.

Mosel, the third largest (in terms of production) of Germany’s 13 regions, was first planted by the Romans around the 2nd century. Today, you will recognize some of the world’s finest white wines as Rieslings from this area. Baden, the most southern region and third largest (in terms of area), is nestled between the Black Forest and Rhine River and produces a varied portfolio of wines, including Müller-Thurgau, Gewürztraminer, and Pinot Noir.

Chef Matt Bell and Wine Director Matias Yerrick present a four course dinner to accompany a line up of wines sourced from these two exciting and contrasting areas. This dinner will be a show of Old versus New, showcasing the possibilities of this country’s often misunderstood wine regions.

A year into travel restrictions, we’re itching to explore. Come and experience this culinary adventure with 21c.

*If you are dining as a group, please reserve tickets under one transaction so we can ensure that you are seated together.

*Ticket price includes food, drink, and tax.

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Dates & Times

2021/05/20 - 2021/05/20

Location Info

21c Museum Hotel Nashville | Gray & Dudley

221 2nd Avenue North, Nashville, TN 37201