Portland Chamber of Commerce

Portland Chamber of Commerce

Association/Club/Group - Special Events

Website: https://www.portlandcofc.com/

 (615) 325-9032

 106 Main Street, Portland, TN 37148

The Portland Chamber of Commerce plays host to new residents and visitors as well as attracting and welcoming new business and industry. Chartered in 1962, the Chamber is a non-profit, voluntary organization of business and professional men and women concerned with the development of the community and the future living conditions of the area.

The  Chamber is not a department of the city, county, state or federal government; not a civic club, professional society or political body; not a social service, welfare or charitable institution; and not a public advertising, publicity or public relations agency.

The basic objective of the Chamber of Commerce is to assure progressive orderly community development, to promote effective government at all events, and to maintain a healthy business climate for an expanding economy.

But most important, the Chamber is people … people just like you.  People who realize that through the Chamber they can accomplish collectively what no one could do individually.  It gives you a voice in civic affairs and government, and provides a united effort to improve the overall well being of the community.  The strength of the Chamber lies in attracting the greatest number of members and creating a pool of resources from which can be drawn ideas, energy and finances.