Artober Nashville Unveils Purpose

Artober Nashville, a program of NowPlayingNashville, has news to share - a new artist background for Artober Nashville 2018. Last year we were privileged to feature work from a local artist as our background. For…

Artober Nashville, a program of NowPlayingNashville, has news to share – a new artist background for Artober Nashville 2018.

Last year we were privileged to feature work from a local artist as our background. For 2018, we decided to make it an Artober tradition. This year, we have chosen a piece called Purpose from local artist, Beth Inglish.

You may recall, Beth was our featured and inaugural Artist Spotlight from August. She had work featured on a WeGo Transit Bus called The Joy Bus. We decided to do a follow-up interview with Beth to discuss Purpose and the story behind it.


How long ago did you create the piece – Purpose?

Purpose was created in 2017 in a series of eight pieces of work. The series began in August 2017 using a mark making exercise using line and color to discover new patterns and layers. Each canvas in the series of used only three colors and various types of marks.

This particular process is a wonderful way for me to get into the zone of the unknown. It’s in this space that my creativity thrives, because I’m completely in the present. During the process I’m thinking about discovering something new, feeling energized by what I see, and letting go of any specific outcome.



What was your inspiration behind this painting?

The painting series was created because I needed new energy. Many times, when you approach the blank white canvas, it’s intimidating. Thoughts of what it should be flood in and disrupt the creative process. Fear sets in, then the creation process comes to a halt.

I found a way around the fear and put it into action — play.

I was inspired to play in this process, because I didn’t have to think about how to approach the canvas. I had a clear set of guidelines to work within and it was in those boundaries that I found my focus.



Any reason for choosing these specific colors for the painting?

I choose colors intuitively, so they most definitely have a meaning behind them.

The three colors I chose where turquoise, magenta, and vermilion. Turquoise and magenta are my all-time favorite colors. I wear them, I paint them, and I am happiest when I’m living life with them. This has been the case since I was a child.

I chose the vermilion as the main color in the series because at that time red was on my radar. I would see the word “red” everywhere, was seeing the color, thinking about it, and hearing it songs. Red was on my mind and I believe it symbolized me stepping into my power and believing in myself.



Why did you name it Purpose?

I named it Purpose because for me, the creative process of discovery is a lot like the emotional process of knowing. Purpose for me is found in the small moments, the daily interactions, and awareness’s that show me more of what I want and less of what I don’t want.

The paintings in the series showed me that as well. There were ones I really liked and thought, “I could use this technique in another painting” and others that I knew I wouldn’t replicate again.

I was slowing deconstructing what brought me life and what didn’t visually and emotionally. As much as it was a process of painting it was also a practice of processing. That’s why I love painting, it is a practice that brings me an opportunity to express and release all in one brushstroke.



Do you have any plans for Artober Nashville this year? Any upcoming events you’re participating in?

I’m excited about all the events for Artober, but in particular, I am looking forward to the Celebrate Nashville Cultural Festival at Centennial Park. I love that our city is so diverse, it gives us all more opportunities to learn and grow from one another. This festival embodies that sentiment because we will be celebrating each other’s unique qualities!

And of course, I’m interested in going to the art crawls that happen every Saturday of the month. Whether Downtown or on Jefferson Street, there is an art crawl happening somewhere in Nashville on a Saturday night. I love visiting the galleries and learning about new artists because art is inspiring!

I will be hosting a Show & Tell event on Monday, October 8th for the Nashville Creative Group. I will be speaking and presenting artists to share their work to connect more with the community.

Because there are so many things to do, my practice is to stay open and be surprised  and delighted by whatever comes my way.


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