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19 Hip & Hidden Bars to visit when in Nashville

We all know that Broadway is one of the best places to bar hop in Nashville, but there's so many bars that are hidden. From cozy speakeasies to intimate lounges — you'll taste some of…

We all know that Broadway is one of the best places to bar hop in Nashville, but there’s so many bars that are hidden. From cozy speakeasies to intimate lounges — you’ll taste some of the finest, creative and best craft cocktails in Nashville! 

No matter the occasion, whether you’re having a Girls Night Out, Date Night or just trying to avoid all the Bachelorettes on Broadway, any Hip and Hidden bars on this list is a must-do no matter what area of town you are visiting in Nashville. Click on the pin point emoji to  take you directly to Google Maps for directions.

The Patterson House

📍 1711 Division St (Midtown) 

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Are you looking for the perfect date night that includes amazing cocktail choices, tasty bar bites and cozy ambiance? Or to catch up with a friend? The Patterson House is one of the BEST intimate cocktail lounge/speakeasies I’ve experienced in Nashville. I wouldn’t advise bringing a big party here because they’re always packed and it’s a small, intimate atmosphere. 

Everything impressed food-wise at The Patterson House too. The Fried Chicken Po Boy Sliders were so tender and the slight touch of remoulade sauce made it perfect. The Patterson House has so many options on the drink menu. It’s categorized by spirits: rum, gin, vodka, tequila, whiskey and a few more, which is easier for you to find a drink of your taste. The quality of their drinks are finely crafted and worth the price.

Overall, the upscale speakeasy vibes of The Patterson House reminds me of an old library from the 1700s. No matter the occasion, the bartenders will cater to your needs. So sip and savor your drink, while enjoying your company! 

Dirty Little Secret/Snitch

📍 210 4th Ave N (Downtown Nashville)

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Dirty Little Secret is located in the shadows of Printer’s Alley and is part of Dream Hotel. They offer music and a nightlife scene with live performances. They always feature a weekly rotation of emerging musicians and turntablists. Dirty Little Secret is a nightlife experience for dancing and listening to a mix of EDM and Top 40 mix music.

On occasion, there are theme nights at Dirty Little Secret such as Latin Night or “Come as You Are” nights. You can also go next door to SNITCH, which is Dirty Little Secret’s speakeasy neighbor in Printer’s Alley. They serve CBD-infused Pina Coladas and more. Check out their music calendar for live music! Dirty Little Secret is not that big so it fills up fast and you can reserve table service at

Hidden Bar at Noelle

📍 200 4th Ave N. (Downtown Nashville) 

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It’s called Hidden Bar for a reason. Beneath Noelle Hotel is the Hidden Bar where you can find curious cocktails and surprising pairings. Finding the bar can be confusing, but it’s worth the search.

Get to Noelle Hotel and take the elevator to the lower level. This might be strange, but you have to go through a door that says storage. Don’t stop and keep walking. The Hidden Bar at Noelle usually has inspired pop-ups. During the holiday season, experience Miracle – the Christmas themed pop-up bar that has everyone talking.

Hidden bar is a fun and ever-changing speakeasy to check out when you’re in Downtown Nashville that’s full of surprises.

Bar Sovereign

📍 514 5th Ave S (Sobro)

If you see a building by 5th Ave South and Peabody (off Broadway) with vines growing on the brick building then you probably wouldn’t think of going in there. However, that’s Bar Sovereign and you should most definitely go in there. It’s super easy to miss this place because of everything that is going around Downtown Nashville. 

Bar Sovereign’s decor is random and funky with a cozy fireplace, couches and animal skin rugs! It’s spacious with a Country-Western vibe that feels like Narnia because it’s a true hidden gem. It’s slow and chill until about 10pm when the DJ arrives. It’s usually still relaxed throughout the rest of the evening though.

This eclectic cocktail bar is worth a visit because of its original, simple and unusual ambiance. It’s not one of the trendy hipster bars, but rather a cozy bar in which to escape from the Honky Tonk madness in Nashville.

Bobby Garage Bar

📍 230 4th Ave N (Downtown Nashville) 

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The name of this bar is exactly what it portrays to be: Bobby’s garage-inspired bar. The garage door entrance completes the whole rustic vibe located in Printers Alley. Bobby’s Garage Bar is apart of Bobby Hotel which has three other bar concepts (Tavern at Bobby, Bobby’s Rooftop Lounge and Café at Bobby). 

The space reminds me of an old workshop that my dad would fix cars in, added with a twist of rock n’ roll persona. I like how the scene is different from other bars with the graffiti wall, salvaged car parts and mechanic rags. Plus there’s a lot of vintage and street decor like a Rock Ola Jukebox, Lloyd’s AM-FM radio and pedestrian signal lights.

There’s a neon Rolling Stones tongue logo, concrete floors, and scribbled writings. For all the beer lovers, there’s a wide selection of drafts, canned and bottled beers. They offer other “Swigs” such as wine and cocktails. As well as “Digs” including pimento cheese and chips. If you’re looking for something super laid back and low-key, then Bobby’s Garage Bar is the place for you. 

Rosemary & Beauty Queen

📍 1102 Forrest Ave (East Nashville)

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The bar scene in East Nashville is different with a wide variety of bars in the area. 

Located near Red Door Saloon, Rosemary and Beauty Queen looks deceiving on the outside. At first, I was hesitant wondering if I would crash someone’s house party. But the line and bouncer on the front porch gave it away. The yellow-paneled house was pretty large and the fenced-in backyard is strung with patio lights.

It feels like a speakeasy, but add a little hipster with old antique vibes. The music at Rosemary is pretty loud, but the DJ gives a mix selection. There’s stained glass windows behind the bar, beautiful crystal chandeliers and a bookshelf filled with books. There is an Asian-fusion cuisine on the menu with Sake, Soju and bao buns! 

You can host your own private event at Rosemary and Beauty Queen. Just email for details.

No. 308

📍 407 Gallatin Ave (East Nashville)

No. 308 is sandwiched on a strip between Dino’s Bar & Grill and Sherwin-Williams store. The doors were closed, the windows were dark and tinted. Later into the night, they typically open their doors. 

Inside the bar features mid century-modern decor, black and white checkered floors and super low-lighting with candles.  People would call this the typical hipster bar, but this is the vibe of East Nashville. No. 308 is a hip, trendy bar that plays great music from indies to oldies. It’s a great place to hang out and chill before the dance floor turns into a hit at 10pm. Personally, I appreciate the concept of No. 308 and they make homemade sodas for their cocktails!

No. 308 has themed nights monthly and weekly. Every Friday night, it’s vinyl countdown with DJ Joco from 10pm – 3am rocking all the dance jams. On the last Friday of the month, it’s all 90s night with Coach and Matt Friction. Every Wednesday, hang out with Nashville’s Human Jukebox, Heath Haynes spinning vinyl from 10pm- 3am. The third Saturday every month is all 80s dance party for you 80s lover with Spice J and Brokenliver from 10pm-3am. The first Saturday of every month, get down to the best disco party in town with Sparkle City Disco with Lights, Lazers, Haze and Phaze from 10pm-3am. Lastly, every Thursday it’s Buddy system with Spice J and friends taking over the airwaves from 10pm-3am.

Find a theme that you appreciate and go grab a Writer’s Block shot or a Sangria Cocktail jar from No. 308!

The Fox Bar & Cocktail Club

📍 2905B Gallatin Pike (East Nashville)

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Close your eyes and imagine an Art Deco designed space with a touch of modern, celestial blue, velvet booths. It feels like one of those Earth-toned preset filters you put on your photos with the same consistent color scheme throughout. The Fox Bar & Cocktail Club is breathtakingly beautiful from inside and out.

It’s located in East Nashville behind Nicoletto’s Italian Kitchen. You’ll see a large skull fox mural and that’s when you know you made it. The Fox has a small space and a more intimate setting. If you love a classy cocktail with some small bites like charcuterie, then I would highly recommend this place. The Fox offers vegetarian and vegan food, as well as dessert items which attracts many people. 

Every cocktail is made with fresh ingredients and super creative. The most important thing I was impressed by was how big they are on reducing waste. I screamed when I saw a metal straw instead of plastic and real cloth hand towels. A lot of upscale bars need to take notes from this place. Overall, The Fox Bar & Cocktail Club is 10/10 place for conversations with friends, date night or a well-crafted cocktail. 

Walden Bar

📍 2909 Gallatin Pike B (East Nashville) 

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The first thing you might see is the colorful, floral mural outside or the huge Walden sign with a boxwood green panel. Inside Walden Bar, the space incorporates a natural and simplistic style with its wooden tables and small plants. Plus you must check out the two swings in the back of the room. The wooden furniture and fresh plants add a clean natural feel to the bar.

The Walden Bar has a lot of specials and drink options for everyone. Most of their drinks are under $10. It’s unique in that they offer cocktail, wine or beer flights. I’m more of a cocktail type of gal and my boyfriend loves beer, so it was nice to have this experience. I recommend this bar if you’re looking for affordable drinks and bites. 

Urban Cowboy 

📍 1603 Woodland St (East Nashville)

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A place for locals and tourists, The Urban Cowboy is a Boutique Hotel in East Nashville featuring a range of craft cocktails, beers and historic vibes. This is another bar that features reclaimed wood with an Southwestern style decor. It first originated in Brooklyn by two lovers: Lyon Porter and Jersey Banks. With its second location here in Nashville, this Public House is a rustic-chic spot in a stunning traditional Victorian Mansion. 

Urban Cowboy has a campfire feeling with retro elements from the cactus to the red, metal armchairs. I find this spot super interesting because you can go to the patio where there’s a round fire pit or to the dining area in front of the bar. 

Sadly, Urban Cowboy is no longer offering food, fire grilling or a brunch menu. But there’s lots of drink and lounging options for everyone to chill and relax! I’m a big fan of the indoor and outdoor space, so if you’re around Lockeland Springs, Urban Cowboy is a must visit.

Pearl Diver

📍 1008 Gallatin Ave (East Nashville)

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The tropical style bars and Asian-fusion food are becoming more popular in East Nashville. Pearl Diver has seafoam green booths, palm tree wallpaper and pineapple inspired lights that hang down at the bar. This vintage, tiki pastel colored lounge is island-inspired with torch lights. Plus they have an expansive list of drinks to offer and small bites from classic drinks to yakitoris and eggrolls. 

Also for you selfie queens, the bathroom at Pearl Diver is to die for. There’s also palm tree wallpaper inside and a circle mirror with perfect back lighting to keep it subtle. So, if you’re into bathroom selfies, you have to go for the aesthetics. 

Overall, there’s a lot to explore at Pearl Diver and the layout of the outdoor place is a cool concept. I give major points for the presentation of the drinks. They’re super colorful and topped with fresh flowers. It can get pretty busy and crowded, but that’s how you know Pearl Diver is a fun place to check out. You can reserve cabanas if you plan to bring a big party by contacting


📍 1100 B Stratton Ave (East Nashville)

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This isn’t any ordinary tiki bar, it’s a robot-themed tiki bar. It’s very colorful, quirky and exotic. You might wonder how robots and tiki really relates? According to Chopper, the fun history came from the wondrous ancient robotic technology on “Island X”. You’ll see robot heads on the walls and a huge golden robot above the bar area. Chopper has bright, scarlet red color booths and tiki glassware for your frozen drinks! They offer unique, exotic drinks including some that light up in flames. You can’t go wrong with sharing their Scorpion bowl that serves four (or two thirsty people).

Also, Chopper has an Asian-fusion food menu serving rice bowls, sandos and snacks. The pork belly rice bowl is sweet and savory glazed with mango and tamarind and served with daikon radish, luau style. It’s one of my favorites along with their Nori grilled cheese that’s seaweed wrapped with melted Havarti cheese and toasted bread.

Chopper Tiki Bar did a wonderful job of transforming the place with a Polynesian pop of bamboo and tropical plants like dumb canes (Dieffenbachia) and elephant ears (Colocasia). If you want a tiki-bar that’s different from the norm, then check it out. It’s fun and a unique addition to East Nashville.

Old Glory

📍 1200 Villa Pl #103 (Edgehill) 

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There might be some arguments here, but Old Glory lands on my top three favorite speakeasies in Nashville. This is truly one a hidden bar in Nashville because it’s tucked in the alleyway behind Taco Mamacita in Edgehill Village. No signs. Just a black door with a large golden triangle. 

According to their website, the place used to be the boiler room for White Way Cleaners, formerly one of the largest steam cleaning facilities in Nashville. Once you open the door, you’re standing at the top of a staircase that takes you down to the cement floors, ginger-almond brown booths and loud ambiance. Warning: the music is really loud, but you can’t blame the industrial built space. Old Glory has the jams and it’s always a great vibe. 

This speakeasy is unlike any that I’ve seen because they kept a lot of the original components such as the bricked walls and large blocks of cement that frame out the left side of the bar. You’ll see plants growing on the side of the walls too. The perfect touch of this speakeasy is a photo booth that is located in the back left corner, and it’s only $5 for two strips of photos! This hidden gem is the perfect place if you want to have a lively night, but not crazy. If you’re visiting Nashville or have friends in town, you must visit Old Glory, you’ll thank me later.


📍 1281 3rd Ave S (Wedgewood-Houston) 

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Just say Aloha, because the bar scene in Wedgewood-Houston keeps growing! B1281 brings a new addition of a Hawaiian-themed outdoor lounge bar to Chestnut Hill. Channel all the island vibes by sipping on a Mai Tai, eating Ahi Poke or wearing your floral attire. B1281 gives you a reason to wear bright colors and pretend it’s summer all year long. Who knows, you might want to plan a trip to Hawaii after you leave the bar. 

Plus, they even have the game of milk caps, Pogs. It originated in Maui, Hawaii. You can even mail a postcard to a friend or take a picture with the killer mural located in the back of the bar.

So if you’re looking for a relaxing hang out spot with tropical vibes, swing by B1281 for a taste of Hawaii in Nashville! 

Never Never

📍 413 Houston St (Wedgewood-Houston)

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If you see a pink neon lit sign that says BAR in the industrial warehouse area next to Bastion’s gravel parking lot, then you spotted Never Never. It’s kind of like a trailer house, but way cooler. Never Never is still recent, but it’s a simple bar. If you sit on the bar stools, you’ll get a view of the train that passes by from time to time. 

Located in the Wedgewood-Houston neighborhood, it’s a chill spot for locals and tourists to catch up and grab a drink. The setting is very casual with picnic tables on the patio and patio lights. The setting speaks a lot for the rest of the place. It has a simple drink menu. Just name a spirit and they will fix you something new on the spot.

Flamingo Cocktail Club

📍 509 Houston St (Wedgewood-Houston) 

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If you see a small-flamingo pink colored building, then you found the spot. Flamingo Cocktail Club is hands down my go-to place if you’re looking to dancing, this is the place to hit the dance floor. Most people do not know about this hip, chic hidden gem.

The big, shiny disco ball adds the finishing touch to the dance floor at this club with its starlight effects reflecting everywhere in the room. Just get down and boogie to the amazing hit music! 

If you start getting too hot from busting out too many dance moves, just step outside and lounge around in the wooden seating area. If you love to dance like myself, then you wouldn’t want to leave this club once you start feeling the music. Make sure you’re in cocktail attire because they will deny you at the door if you’re wearing sneakers, tank tops or tees.


📍 434 Houston St. STE 110 (Wedgewood-Houston) 

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Laid-back and hipster. Those are the two words that describes Bastion, and I’m not ashamed to say it. Located in Wedgewood-Houston, Bastion has built-in bleachers in the back, indoor patio lights and some of the coolest refurbished furniture and decor. There’s also long Catholic praying candles throughout the bar to light up the place.  All of their music spins on vinyl. there’s bubble hockey that you can play for 50 cents and a hook and ring toss game. It definitely sets the tone of the bar.

Bastion is a two-in-one bar and restaurant, but I usually love coming to this bar for the fresh crafted cocktails and wicked records. I’ve heard fantastic things about their restaurant which is located in the wooden sliding door area in the back on the far right of the entryway.

The bar is the type of place to lounge around with your friends. Bastion usually has a punch of the day that is always refreshing- just ask the bartender! Also, if you get a little hungry while you’re drinking away, order the nachos with or without meat because it’s literally bomb dot com. It has the perfect toppings to chip ratio, plus it’s the only thing they serve at the bar. Even better, they hand you a metal rack holder of condiments with a balloon attached while you wait for your nachos.

Also, another thing that is unique about Bastion is they recently started a Hip Hop Karaoke on certain Sundays from 7pm-10pm. Keep an eye on their Instagram where they usually announce the date.

Earnest (Hemingway)’s Bar & Hideaway

📍 438 Houston St. Suite 160 (Wedgewood-Houston)

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Earnest Bar & Hideaway, formerly known as Hemingway’s completes the industrial strip of bars in the Wedgewood-Houston area. This Ernest Hemingway-inspired bar and restaurant serves up one of the best old-fashioned drinks. I love the interior of Earnest because it takes you back in time with the simple wooden pillars and tables. The chandeliers inside the bar set a timeless and classy atmosphere.

If you’re looking for more of a social area to wine it down for the night, then this is for you! Seriously grab a bite here and order something off their bar menu. I fell in love with their burger–it’s so simple but very flavorful. Stop by Earnest after dancing away at Flamingo’s!

Rambler Cocktail Bar

📍 2600 8th Ave S. #109 (Melrose) 

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This vibrant neon cocktail bar lives underground at The Sutler on Melrose. I’ve always known about The Sutler Saloon, which is why I was confused when my best friend took me here.

The Rambler Cocktail Bar is an upscale lounge with modern plush seating. Following their slogan, this was one of the “hard to find, easy to love moments.” They have signature cocktails that are amazing (especially the Jamaican old fashioned). There’s also a dance floor where you can unwind and dance with your friends. The music never disappoints either, so that’s a bonus.


Experience the other side of nightlife in Nashville besides Broadway. Overall, I personally love every single bar that I’ve listed and they’re special for their own reason. We all have different opinions, taste and style, so go check them out for yourself. Comment below on some of your personal favorites as well!

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