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150+ Nashville Restaurants Offer Delivery and Takeout Options

During these unprecedented times, Nashville restaurants have stepped up to offer takeout and delivery options. Living in East Nashville, I have seen first-hand the restaurants in the Five Points community struggling first by the effects…

During these unprecedented times, Nashville restaurants have stepped up to offer takeout and delivery options.

Living in East Nashville, I have seen first-hand the restaurants in the Five Points community struggling first by the effects of the tornado, and now again with COVID-19. Each restaurant in our community needs our support right now. One way to help is by ordering curbside service or delivery.

*Restaurants listed below may change without notice. Please verify the links or call.

**If you know of other restaurants, please leave us a comment with the details and we will add.

Support a local restaurant by ordering takeout or delivery:


King of PopsX
The Party Line
8th Avenue / MelroseM.L Rose
8th Avenue / MelrosePeace, Love & PhoPostmates
8th Avenue / MelroseHai's Sushi & Pho(615) 760-5800X
8th Avenue / MelroseHattie B's Hot Chicken Eats
12South12 South Taproom & Grill(615) 4463-7552Postmates
12SouthBurger Up
12SouthEpice(615) 720-6765X
12SouthFrothy Monkey
12SouthEdley's Bar-B-Que
Belle Meade360 Bistro(615) 353-5604X
Belle MeadeCoco's Italian Market
Belle MeadeDalts Grill
Belle MeadeJ. Alexander's (615) 352-0981X
Belle MeadeSam's Place(615) 928-6577X
Belle MeadeSperry's(615) 353-0809X
Belle MeadeThe Picnic Café(615) 297-5398XX
BellevueAlley PubPostmates
BellevueAsihi Asian CuisinePostmates
BellevueBar LouiePostmates
BellevueBellevue DinerUber Eats
BellevueBoom Bozz PizzaDoorDash / Uber Eats
BellevueBria Bistro ItalianoDoorDash / Grubhub / Uber Eats
BellevueCancun Mexican RestaurantPostmates
BellevueCity Limits(615) 646-0062X
BellevueCorner Pub in the WoodsPostmates / Uber Eats
BellevueDalton's Grill(615) 662-4777XPostmates
BellevueDeSano PizzeriaDoorDash / Grubhub / Uber Eats
BellevueEastern PeakUberEats
BellevueHoneyFire Barbecue Co(615) 739-6121X
BellevueHook's Seafood KitchenDoorDash / Uber Eats
BellevueJonathan's GrillePostmates
BellevueLemongrass Sushi & ThaiPostmates
BellevueLoveless Biscuit KitchenXUber Eats
BellevueLoveless CaféPostmates / Uber Eats
BellevuePDK Southern KitchenDoorDash / Uber Eats
BellevuePizza PerfectPostmates
BellevuePlayers InnPostmates
BellevueSam's Kebab GyroDoorDash / Grubhub / Postmates / Uber Eats
BellevueTailgate Brewery(615) 861-9842XPostmates / In-House Delivery
BellevueThe Well CoffeehouseDoorDash / Uber Eats
BellevueUS Border CantinaDoorDash / Postmates
BellevueVoodoo GumboPostmates
BellevueWild EggsDoorDash
BelmontProper BagelPostmates
BelmontMartin's Bar-B-Que Joint
Berry HillCafé Monell's(615) 298-2254
Berry HillCalypso Café(615) 297-3888X
Berry HillEastern PeakUberEats
Berry HillHugh Baby's!/?utm_source=web&utm_medium=mainsite&utm_campaign=TOPNAVX
Berry HillVui's Kitchen!/
Capitol ViewM.L Rose
DonelsonParty FowlUber Eats
DowntownArnold's Country Kitchen(615) 569-6024X
DowntownBlack Dynasty Ramen at Bar SovereignText (707) 328-6741X
DowntownBlack Rabbit(615) 891-2380
DowntownCrema(615) 255-8311X
DowntownDaddy's Dogs(615) 802-8481XPostmates / Uber Eats
DowntownEllington's(615) 988-7333X
DowntownFrothy Monkey
DowntownGino's East
DowntownGray & Dudley(615) 610-6477X
DowntownJeff Ruby's
DowntownLiberty Common
DowntownRock Bottom Brewery Restaurant / Grubhub / Postmates
DowntownThe Southern Steak & Oyster(615) 724-1762X
DowntownMartin's Bar-B-Que Joint
Downtown6th and Peabody - Prince's Hot Chicken(615) 647-8272X
Downtown6th and Peabody - White Duck Taco Shop(615) 647-8272X
DowntownParty FowlUber Eats
East Nashville615 ChutneyDoorDash / Grubhub / Postmates / Uber Eats
East Nashville615 Waffles(615) 481-0981XPostmates
East NashvilleBabo Korean Bar(615) 750-5847X
East NashvilleCafé Roze(615) 645-9100XX
East NashvilleCrema(615) 747-2001X
East NashvilleDino'sXX
East NashvilleEast Park DonutsXPostmates
East NashvilleFar East Nashville(615) 228-0991XPostmates
East NashvilleFolk(615) 610-2595XPostmates
East NashvilleGreko Greek Street Food
East NashvilleHugh Baby's!/?utm_source=web&utm_medium=mainsite&utm_campaign=TOPNAVX
East NashvilleKing Solomon Gyros(615) 228-0411Drive-thrusDoorDash / Grubhub / Postmates
East NashvilleLockeland Table(615) 228-4864X
East NashvilleLouX
East NashvilleLyra(615) 928-8040X
East NashvilleMarche(615) 262-1111XX
East NashvilleMargot(615) 227-4668X
East NashvilleOnce Upon a Time in France(615) 649-8284XX
East NashvilleOtaku Ramen / Postmates
East NashvilleRed Headed Stranger Eats
East NashvilleRosePepperXPostmates
East NashvilleTailgate Brewery(629) 203-7152XPostmates
East NashvilleThe Grilled Cheeserie!/XPostmates
East NashvilleThe Pharmacy Burger!/XPostmates
East NashvilleWild Cow
East NashvilleMitchell Delicatessen
East NashvilleVui's Kitchen!/
East NashvillePizze Real(615) 226-2206XDoorDash / Grubhub / Postmates
East NashvilleI Dream of Weenie
East NashvilleFive Points TacoWalk UpX
East NashvilleNomzilla(615) 712-7409X
East NashvilleTower Market & DeliDoorDash / Grubhub / Postmates / Uber Eats
EdgehillBella Napoli(615) 891-1387XDoorDash
Elliston PlaceCafé CocoPostmates
Germantown5th & Taylor(615) 242-4747X
GermantownButchertown Hall
GermantownCity House(615) 736-5838X
GermantownGermantown Pub Eats
GermantownRolf & Daughters
GermantownVon Elrod's
GermantownSaint Stephen
GermantownVui's Kitchen!/
Green HillsCava
Green HillsChar(615) 891-7181X
Green HillsChopt
Green HillsCorner Pub(615) 298-9698X
Green HillsEmmy SquaredXUber Eats / Postmates
Hillsboro VillageThe Grilled Cheeserie!/XPostmates
Hillsboro VillageThe Donut + Dog(615) 457-1476XPostmates
MidtownAmerigo(615) 320-1740X
MidtownHenley(615) 340-6378XUber Eats
MidtownMane and Rye Dinerant(615) 340-9333X
MidtownTailgate Brewery(629) 702-5914XPostmates
MidtownThe Row
MidtownHattie B's Hot Chicken Eats
MidtownSitar Indian Restaurant
MidtownSaltine(615) 327-4410X
Nipper's CornerSam's Place(615) 942-5755X
South NashvilleSouthside Grill (Lenox Village)!/DoorDash / Nashville Delivers
Sylvan Parkanswer.(615) 942-0866X
Sylvan ParkCalypso Café(615) 321-3878X
Sylvan ParkFarm BurgerXDoorDash / Grubhub / Postmates / Uber Eats
Sylvan ParkFive Points Pizza
Sylvan ParkHugh Baby's!/?utm_source=web&utm_medium=mainsite&utm_campaign=TOPNAVX
Sylvan ParkM.L Rose
Sylvan ParkMiel Restaurant(615) 298-3663X
Sylvan ParkMcCabe Pub(615) 269-9406X
Sylvan ParkEdley's Bar-B-Que
The GulchEastern PeakUberEats
The GulchEmmy SquaredXUber Eats / Postmates
The GulchFat Kat Slim's(615) 739-6953X
The GulchPeg Leg Porker
The GulchSaint Anejo(615) 736-5301XUber Eats
The GulchSTK Nashville(615) 619-3500XGrubhub
The GulchThe Chef and I(615) 730-8496XX
The GulchVirago(615) 254-1902XUber Eats
The GulchSuperica
The NationsBig Bad Breakfast(615) 610-3403XDoorDash
The NationsWendell Smith's Restaurant(615) 383-7114X
The Nations51 North Taproom(629) 800-2454X
The NationsDaddy's Dogs(615) 802-8481XPostmates / Uber Eats
The NationsFrothy Monkey
The NationsCoco's Italian Market
The NationsHattie B's Hot Chicken Eats
Wedgewood-HoustonEarnest Bar & Hideaway(615) 915-1715X
Wedgewood-HoustonParson's Chicken &
West EndBombay Palace / Grubhub / Postmates