Lebanon: A Day Trip to a Small Town Big on Southern Hospitality

With the weather getting warmer, we love exploring new areas and towns! Lebanon is just a 35 minute drive from Nashville, and it seriously reminds us of the little town from Sweet Home Alabama (in…

With the weather getting warmer, we love exploring new areas and towns! Lebanon is just a 35 minute drive from Nashville, and it seriously reminds us of the little town from Sweet Home Alabama (in the best ways possible!). 

We love that it feels like the TV show Cheers where everyone knows your name in most places, but that you can also take a hot yoga class and shop cute boutiques! So why not plan a day trip to see this city that feels like a small town?


Lebanon Hot Yoga
Kim and Kalee

1. Our first stop is Hot Yoga Lebanon.

They offer a ton of amazing classes starting at 5AM and going into the evening most days! You’ll love finding the balance between feeling the burn and finding the balance.


J Clayborn's
Kim and Kalee

2. You’ll be glad you burned some calories, because our next stop is J. Clayborn’s.

Even though we’re health and fitness bloggers, we are obsessed with bakeries and sweets. Anytime we travel, we have to try out new donuts and cakes, and from L.A. to NYC, nothing touches a J. Clayborn’s cake.


J Clayborn's Cakes
One of J Clayborn’s delicious cakes. Kim and Kalee

We also love their donuts, and if you ask they’ll even put a dollop of frosting on top of it!

J Clayborn's Donuts
Kim and Kalee | NowPlayingNashville.com

Of course, it’s not required, but why not add some frosting if you’re eating a donut anyways, right?


3:Sixteen Lebanon
Kim and Kalee | NowPlayingNashville.com

3. Now that your belly is full, let’s go shopping on the square!

There are so many wonderful little shops and boutiques on the square. We suggest parking and making your way around to each one. Our favorite shops are 3:Sixteen and Iddy & Oscar’s.

They have some of the cutest stuff, and they do a great job of mixing it up so it’s not the same thing you see in other stores.


Kim and Kalee Murals
Chesley Summar Photography

4. We also are obsessed with the murals!

On the side of Iddy & Oscar’s is the prettiest mural to have your picture taken!


Kim and Kalee Murals
Chesley Summar Photography

There is also another one sort of behind the square — as you make your way around, you can ask any of the local owners how to walk there. It’s close to 3:Sixteen.


Kim and Kalee
Chesley Summar Photography

5. Now that you’ve shopped, you’re probably getting hungry again.

There are a ton of yummy, local places to eat lunch!


Kim and Kalee
Chesley Summar Photography

Town Square Social is right on the square, and they have Bushwacker cocktails which we love!

(Side note: Our love of food and drinks is one reason we had to launch a non-fitness site because we have to be real and keep it all balanced!)

Our favorite places to eat have to be outside of the square though! You can’t go wrong with anything at Wildberry Cafe! It is the most adorable little place full of Southern charm. Just check their hours because they also cater and aren’t open every day of the week.

Other options are Sunset for a meat and three or Peking for Chinese! If you’re in Lebanon on a Sunday, Peking’s buffet is amazing.

We also wouldn’t be natives if we didn’t suggest the Snow White Drive-In! This place is the best spot for a tasty meal and catching up with people. It’s also been in a Kid Rock video and has some of the best car shows around.


Stardust Drive-In
Stardust Drive-In Kim and Kalee

6. Are you still up for some adventure after all that?

Why not see what The Capitol Theater is doing tonight or go for a spa treatment at Beauty Boutique

The theater does a lot of private events – so it isn’t always open, but if you can time it just right for a concert, movie night, or trivia, you should go!

If they don’t have anything going on, you can always head out to Watertown for pizza at Nona Lisa and a double feature at the Stardust Drive-In!

Stardust is one of our favorite Summer spots, and it’s also quite iconic. It’s one of the last drive-ins around Nashville; Keith Urban just recently did a surprise show for medical workers there!


If you’re looking for a day trip to a small town that’s big on Southern hospitality, you’re going to love Lebanon!


Kim and Kalee Murals
Chesley Summar Photography

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