The Arts at Center Street

The Arts at Center Street

Performing Arts Center - Theater


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 401 Center Street, Old Hickory, TN 37138

At the Arts at Center Street, we do not seek to create art simply for its own sake, or to produce something “beautiful” without evaluating the cost. Rather, we recognize art as a tool to communicate values, to provoke emotion and lead to introspection and beneficial conversation. To this end, we foster opportunities for education and performance in dance, music, theater, and poetry and public speaking. We accept the challenge of creating entertainment that is characterized by meaning and substance, that will affect people deeply and play a part in the transformation of their lives for the better.

The Arts at Center Street is a performing arts venue and home to The Center Street Theatre Company.

The venue hosts a range of acts from bands to poets, musicals and plays. With a seating capacity of 80 – 100, the venue is a unique size to the area, as other nearby theatres have a seating capacity of 30, or 200, but nothing in between. The theatre is equipped with  state-of-the-art sound and lighting equipment, including the ability to record every show’s audio to Protools, and digitally automate light shows for any production. The venue also has 4k video equipment for visually recording any work performed on the stage.

The performance area is a proscenium stage with an apron, totalling 24′ x 24′ [16′ x 24′ upstage, and 8′ x 24′ on the apron]. The stage is versatile enough to host smaller productions as well as large cast productions and still get an intimate feel with the audience, as the tiered seating allows for even the back row to see facial expressions of performers.

A full service bar is also available to patrons before and at the intermission of performances.


Location Info

The Arts at Center Street

401 Center Street

Old Hickory, TN 37138