Bells Bend Park Greenway

Bells Bend Park Greenway

Greenway - Park/Garden/Open Space - Trail


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 4187 Old Hickory Boulevard, Nashville, TN 37218

Bells Bend Park
7.4 miles, hiking; 5.5 miles, mountain biking

This 808-acre park of pastoral, gently rolling farmland is located in an arc of the Cumberland River known as Bells Bend. The Bells Bend Nature and Outdoor Center is its focal point, with much of the hiking trails following old farm roads that were associated with the site’s historic 1842 Buchanan House.

Outdoor Center: 4187 Old Hickory Blvd
Poplar Hollow: 4107 Old Hickory Blvd


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Bells Bend Park Greenway

4187 Old Hickory Boulevard

Nashville, TN 37218