Hillsboro Village Shops & Restaurants

Hillsboro Village Shops & Restaurants

Bar/Tavern - Coffeehouse - Movie Theater - Restaurant/Cafe - Shopping District

 1800 21st Avenue South, Nashville, TN 37212

Hillsboro Village, commonly known as “The Village,” is one of Nashville’s few remaining collections of neighborhood merchants.

As one merchant says, “Customers can do their banking; have shoes repaired; have hair cut or styled; buy jewelry, eyeglasses, bread and coffee, antiques, artwork, flowers, clothes, or gifts; take in a movie or play; get a car repaired or fill it with gas; eat any and all meals; and get a passport. One can do all these things, and more, in buildings with real doors and real windows.”

The Village is a great place to congregate with friends, over cocktails, artisan breads and pastries, locally-brewed beer, and coffee roasted right in Nashville. The variety of cuisine and atmosphere makes Hillsboro Village a perfect location for your next evening on the town.

The Village offers a complete line of neighborhood services, retail stores, and entertainment. Specialty stores, some of the best retaurants in town and the historic Belcourt Theatre make Hillsboro Village a destination point for all Nashvillians.

Historic charm and personal attention make the Village a very special place. Bounded by active and successful neighborhoods, this area will remind you of days when everyone traded with neighbors in shops close to home.

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Hillsboro Village Shops & Restaurants

1800 21st Avenue South

Nashville, TN 37212