Nashville Pet Products Center - Berry Hill

Nashville Pet Products Center - Berry Hill



 (615) 242-2223

 2621 Cruzen Street, Nashville, TN 37211

We at Nashville Pet Products Center welcomed our first customer in 1987. Being locally owned, our mission was to create a unique experience for the discriminating pet owners of our community by offering the best of customer service.

Customer service was, and still is today, what sets us apart from other pet supply retailers. A heartfelt greeting upon entering the store, friendly and knowledgeable sales staff who carry all bags from the shelf to the checkout counter then to your car is what you can expect with every visit to any one of our five locations.

We carry a wide variety of premium pet products that cater to the health, happiness and comfort of your beloved pets. So many animals are already in need of homes, we decided not to sell animals in our stores. Instead, we work with various rescue efforts and adoption shelters to help place the animals in need. In fact, we’ve adopted a few cats ourselves over the years. You’ll see them wandering around our stores, making sure that we stay on our toes.

We invite you to stop at one of our five stores and, by all means, bring your pet. We have treats waiting and we always welcome them into our stores.

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Nashville Pet Products Center - Berry Hill

2621 Cruzen Street

Nashville, TN 37211