Kindred Headquarters

Kindred Headquarters



 4713 Holly Springs Road, Nashville, TN 37221

Kerrie is the founder of Kindred. Kindred connects us all by sharing true stories about life – from the most inspirational to the most incredible; from the unthinkable, to the unbearable. Often demonstrating the kind of human resilience beyond limitation that gives us all the courage or conviction to keep going. Kindred’s anthologies and blog offer dozens of true life stories with the intention of bringing hope or healing or inspiration to the one who needs it most.

Kerrie facilities workshops and speaks and writes on the subjects of spirituality, creativity, inspiration and your soul’s purpose. She is a mystic and spiritual intuitive, able to provide insight, inspiration, wisdom and guidance to those ready to become the highest and best version of themselves – the “you” you came here to be – something she is intimately acquainted with (and proof that it is never too late).

Driven by the mantra: “We are all in this together,” a giving fund serves to help those who are facing something unexpected in life, often mirroring the true stories within. Kindred donates 50% of its merchandise profit and 100% of donations to this giving fund to provide meaningful contributions just when it’s needed most.

A Nashville resident of 25 years by way of Chicago and Michigan, Kerrie’s career prior to Kindred was as a brand marketing strategist for major international consumer brands, as well as pop, rock, jazz and country stars; including two notable legends (Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett) that tempted her parents to quit their jobs just so they could join her on the road.

As Kindred’s author, Kerrie devotes most of her time connecting with people who have life experiences that, in the sharing, will help the one who needs it most. In addition to writing Kindred’s anthologies, she writes or has written for Thrive Global, the Huffington Post, Sivana East, and numerous publications within Medium. Along the way she looks for authentic reasons to help those who may be struggling so that she can put Kindred’s giving fund to good use.

That’s the heart of Kindred. And her heart, too.


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Kindred Headquarters

4713 Holly Springs Road

Nashville, TN 37221